eyelash extensions

How long do Eyelash extensions last? 
We all naturally shed an average amount of 5 lashes per day. This means that eyelash extensions will shed along with your natural lashes. Generally, a full set of eyelashes extension lasts up to 4 weeks and a Volume set will last up to 5-6 weeks.

What is a fill in? And why do I need it?
Due to your eyelashes’ natural life cycle, your lash extensions will shed along with your natural lashes.  In order to maintain a full look permanently it is necessary that you get fill-ins on a regular basis. 

Fill-in is the procedure where the eyelash technician removes the extensions that grew out or began to twist.  After removing the overgrown extensions, the technician then applies new extensions on the available lashes in order to make them look full and fabulous once again.

How long do I have in order to qualify for a fill in?
You have up until 4 weeks to come in for a fill-in.  In order to qualify for a refill, you must have at least 40% of your extensions left.  Otherwise, you will have to purchase a full set. The amount of eyelash extensions left will be determined after your lashes are cleaned and overgrown extensions are removed.

What is the process like?
Upon your arrival, our technician will discuss your expectations of the procedure and provide you with a brief consultation on the different style options available. After customizing the look based on your preferences, your eye shape, and examining the health of your natural lashes, the technician will prepare your lashes by gently cleansing them followed by the application procedure.

Do extensions damage your natural lashes?
Here at Eye & Brow Factory we take the health of your natural eyelashes very seriously. We only apply safe and quality extensions to your natural lashes. We use the highest quality materials and are continuously striving to provide you  with the best services possible. Our technician is licensed by the state of New York and has numerous certifications from various world renowned educators.


What is Microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that allows our technician to mimic the natural hair of your eyebrow. It improves the fullness, density and shape of your eyebrows by creating crisp hair stokes where hair may be missing due to natural hair loss or because it simply never grew.  It is the most natural looking eyebrow enhancement technique available on the market.  

What are the benefits of  Microblading?
Microblading is a highly beneficial procedure:

  • A darker, thicker or fuller appearance to your eyebrows

  • Correcting the shape of your eyebrows

  • Reducing makeup application time.

  • Decreasing the amount of makeup you need to apply

  • For those with an active lifestyle: maintain fabulous looking eyebrows while at the gym, swimming, running, etc. (the design is water- and smudge proof)

  • Clients with poor eye sight and/or older age benefit by reducing the challenges of their makeup routine.

How long does it last?
The procedure generally lasts 12-18 months. Results vary from person to person as we all have different skin types and lifestyles. It will also depend on the client’s aftercare and age.

Does it hurt?
We all have different pain tolerance level, but most clients compare the sensation to threading or tweezing. We use two different anesthetics (before and during your procedure) to maximize your comfort. Some clients even fall asleep during the procedure!

How long is the procedure?
We book 2.5 hours appointments. Rushing during a semi-permanent procedure is never a good idea and we like to take our time in order to decide the shape and color that fits you the best.

How long does it take for eyebrows to heal?
Healing time varies from person to person taking on average 7 to 14 days. Your eyebrows will go through different stages and you will see complete results post 4 weeks from each session. 

How do you choose the shape? How do you choose the color?
At the beginning of your appointment the Microblading artist will discuss with you your goals and expectations. Keeping this information in mind the artist creates a predrawing of the shape. The predrawing is based of your bone structure as well as Golden ratio Theory. While Microblading is here to enhance and improve your beauty we try to stay as close to your natural shape as possible in order to make your eyebrow shape maintenance easy. Once the predrawing is approved, the technician moves to the next step – choosing the pigment color. Only after you approve both the shape and the color for your new eyebrows will the procedure start.

Do I need a touch up?
You will need a touch up in order to perfect the shape of your eyebrows and fill in the areas where pigment did not heal after the first session. 
Please keep in mind that Microblading is not a one time procedure. If you want to achieve fuller looking eyebrows we have to wait until the first session heals and only then we can add more haistrokes in between the original hairstrokes in order to avoid blurring of the pigment under the skin.
Touch up is usually performed 4 to 6 weeks after your first treatment. If a client has  little to no hair, he or she may require a second touch up. Your first touch up has to be done within 8 weeks of the first session, otherwise the client will be charged extra.

Do I need a consultation?
Consultations are highly recommended but can be voided in some cases. During a consultation, the artist performs a patch test on your skin applying pigment and anesthetic in order to determine if you are allergic to the substances stated above. It is not 100% guaranteed, but it will significantly minimize the chances of an unexpected reaction after procedure is performed. 

Please let us know if you had a permanent make up or Microblading performed on your eyebrows previously. This is necessary to determine if  this procedure is appropriate for you.

What safety precautions do you practice?
We take health and safety of our customers very seriously. All the tools and materials utilized during Microblading procedures are 100% disposable and are never reused.  After your procedure every blade is disposed of in a sharps container and premises are disinfected before and after every treatment. Our salon is up to date with OSHA standards and Sasha is a licensed tattoo artist that successfully completed Blood Born Pathogens course. 


What is lash lift?
Lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes the illusion of being perfectly curled while adding definition to them. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results.

How long does it last?
The results last for 6 to 8 weeks depending on your natural lashes condition, your metabolism and lifestyle.

Is it safe to do tinting on the same day with a Lash Lift?
In some cases tinting your lashes right after Lash lift may affect the results. The Belmacil tint we use at EYEANDBROWFACTORY is approved to be safe for use after Lash Lift treatment.

What brand of Lash Lift do you use?
We use Australian brand Elleebana Lash lift. We love it for its high quality, quicker processing time and natural looking curl effect.

Can I use mascara with Lash Lift?
You can use any mascara except waterproof mascara.

What is a Lash Botox?
Lash Botox is an additional treatment that you may add to your Lash Lift procedure. Lash Botox helps to regenerate and replenish your natural lashes. It will make your lashes more elastic and shiny. This is a very good solution for clients who had their lashes damaged previously by eyelash extensions performed incorrectly.