eyelash extensions

the classic set

Great for first timers & natural gals.
Classic full set is a set of individual eyelash extensions where one Faux Mink extension is applied to one natural lash. 
Full Set : $150 (1.5 hrs)
1 hour fill : $100
(applies to classic lashes only)
45 min. fill : $75 (applies to classic lashes only)

the volume set

Perfect for those looking to achieve fuller results.
Volume full set is a set of eyelash extensions where a hand made fan of 2 or 3 fine Faux Mink eyelashes is attached to your natural lash. Volume lashes will give you a fuller and fluffier look. Depending on the amount of natural lashes you have, your lash extensions will look more natural or more dramatic.
2D Full Set : $180 (2 hours)
3D Full Set : $200 (2 -2.5 hours)
2D & 3D Fill : $120 (1 hour), $150 (1.5 hours)
*2D: 2 eyelash extensions per natural lash , 3D : 3 eyelash extensions per natural lash

the russian/mega volume set

Fabulous for divas & make up lovers
Russian Volume Full set is a set of Volume Lashes where 4 to 10 very thin and weightless Faux Mink eyelashes are applied to your Natural lashes. This set will give you what we call a “Voluminous celebrity” look. It is the favorite choice of make up lovers, or gals who always want to look on point without spending a lot of time on their beauty routine.
4-5D Full set : $250 (2.5-3 hours)
4-5D fill : $170 (1,5 hours), $200 (2 hours)
Mega Volume Full Set (6D – 10D) : $300 3-3,5 hours
Fill: $200 (2 hours)
*2h fill is applicable to 4-10D only

bottom lashes

Fantastic for special occasions
Bottom lash extensions will make your bottom lashes look fabulous making them wonder if you were just blessed with those lashes.
$100 (45  min)

lash removal

Safe, un-damaging removal of eyelash extensions with special cream or  gel remover.
$40 (30 min)



lash lift & tinting

lash lift

For lash virgins & natural beauty lovers
Lash lift is a lash enhancement treatment, where your natural lashes are made to appear longer and curlier by means of lifting them up with a special solution. This is our top summertime procedure. 
Lash lift :140$ (1 hour)  

lash lift & tint

For those who are tired of using mascara
Lash lift + tint is a lash enhancement treatment, where we make your natural lashes appear longer, curlier and darker. 
Lash lift + tint: 170$ (1 hour)

lash tint

For natural beauty lovers, especially blond babes
Lash tint is a lash enhancement treatment for making your lashes darker and your lash line look fuller. 
Lash tint :45$ (25 min)

lash botox

The most advanced eyelash repair & nourishing formula available worldwide 
The treatment repairs the damaged or broken eyelash fibers and guarantees to moisturize, replenish, repair and revive lashes right from the very first use.
Lash botox: +$15
*Lash botox is a complimentary treatment for lash lift procedure and cannot be booked


microblading, brow tinting & shaping


Perfect for anyone seeking fuller, darker, more symmetrical eyebrows that last up to 18 months.
Microblading is a brow enhancement treatment achieved by implementing of semipermanent pigment into the upper layer of your skin. This treatment allows us to improve shape, fullness of your eyebrows as well as correct the natural asymmetry of your brows. Results last from 12 to 18 months. A prior consultation is highly recommended before booking this treatment.
Microblading first session : 450$ (2.5 hours)
Microblading touch up : 150$ (in 4-6 weeks after initial session) 2 hours
Color boost : 275$ (within 6 months) 2.5 hours
Yearly touch up : 350$ (within 12-14 months) 2.5 hours

Great for people who want bolder brows, or for those who have little to no hair.
Microblading + Shading first session : 550$ 3 (hours)
Microblading + Shading touch up : 150$ (in 4-6 weeks after initial session) 2 hours
Color boost : 300$ (within 6 months) 2.5 hours
Yearly touch up : 400$ (within 12-14 months) 2.5 hours

semipermanent freckle tattoo

A trendy look for freckle lovers
Semipermanent Freckle tattoo will give the freckles that you always wanted.
First session : $120
When booked together with Microblading: $80
Second session if needed (6-8 weeks) : $60

brow tint

Fun for anyone looking for bolder brows.
Brow tint is a brow enhancement treatment that helps to improve color, thickness and fullness of your eyebrows by coloring them.
Brow tint : 30$  (20 min)

brow shaping

Great for wild eyebrows that need to be tamed
Brow shaping is an eyebrow grooming service. With brow shaping you will achieve neatly shaped eyebrows that compliment your facial structure.
Brow shaping : 30$ (25 min)

brow & tint

A good combination for achieving nice shape and color for your eyebrows
Brow shaping + tint is a brow enhancement treatment that will help to define your eyebrow shape and make your eyebrows appear fuller and bolder.
Brow shaping + tint : 50$ (30 min)